Zia Lucia: Pizza & Burrata – A match made in heaven

*Originally written for Melan Magazine.*

Hey everyone, I’m back with another review this week. I recently went to review Zia Lucia, a restaurant at BoxPark Wembley and I wasn’t disappointed! Continue reading “Zia Lucia: Pizza & Burrata – A match made in heaven”


Last Minute Valentines Day Offers

*Originally written for Melan Magazine.  

So you’ve left Valentine’s Day dinner till last minute again? Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Whether you’re single, in a relationship Continue reading “Last Minute Valentines Day Offers”

African Volcano erupts at Great Guns Social

*Originally written for Melan Magazine

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Southwark Bridge Road, Borough, our second visit to Great Guns Social was just as memorable as the first time. Celebrated chef Grant Hawthorne has taken up a residency at the venue, bringing with him Mozambiquan-style flavours with a South African twist, straight from Grant’s Cape Town homeland. We visited the restaurant to try out the flavours of his African Volcano. Continue reading “African Volcano erupts at Great Guns Social”

Bone Daddies: Challenging Perceptions

Besides its rather intriguing, yet odd name, the menu served up at Bone Daddies is not what you’d first expect. A love child birthed from his passion for Japan, acclaimed chef Ross Shonhan (ex Nobu and Zuma) wanted to create a ramen bar that would be a home to his version of Japanese food and contemporary culture

Continue reading “Bone Daddies: Challenging Perceptions”

BungaTINI: A Pizza Making Affair

As you would be right to assume, I eat out quite a lot – which is one of the reasons why I decided to start this blog in the first place. Despite my love for food, I have recently become increasingly unsatisfied with just eating out at restaurant. Instead, I wanted an experience – something fun, but also filling Continue reading “BungaTINI: A Pizza Making Affair”

Chiltern Firehouse: The fire never left

A seven to ten minute walk from Baker Street station lies a restaurant hidden inside a former 1880s fire station. Chiltern Firehouse is a contemporary restaurant with a underlying American influence, with a menu developed by Michelin-starred chef Continue reading “Chiltern Firehouse: The fire never left”

Luminary Bakery: The One Where Rachel Bakes

Ever since a good friend of mine introduced me to the Luminary Bakery, I’ve been obsessed – especially with the cinnamon swirls. In today’s post I’ll be giving you a little bite into the journey of Rachel Stonehouse, a baker at the increasingly popular 

Continue reading “Luminary Bakery: The One Where Rachel Bakes”

Sweet potatoes with chargrilled peppers, Chorizo & Prawn

For once in London, we experienced a rare visit from the Sun itself, which decided to bless us with over 20 degrees of heat. if you’re wondering why we’re so obsessed with the weather, let me give you a simple scientific Continue reading “Sweet potatoes with chargrilled peppers, Chorizo & Prawn”