Zia Lucia: Pizza & Burrata – A match made in heaven

*Originally written for Melan Magazine.*

Hey everyone, I’m back with another review this week. I recently went to review Zia Lucia, a restaurant at BoxPark Wembley and I wasn’t disappointed! Continue reading “Zia Lucia: Pizza & Burrata – A match made in heaven”

Hummingbird Glasgow

After visiting my friend in Glasgow, I didn’t expect to fall in love with the city. One thing that took me by surprise was Glasgow’s extensive collection of restaurants, from Indian to Spanish tapas and endless Pan-Asian cuisine. A walkable city, Glasgow, makes it very convenient to discover new quirky places to eat.

Situated in Bath Street, home to a small collection of restaurants and trendy bars I managed to discover the Hummingbird, a Pan-Asian inspired bar and restaurant with dishes prepared by Chef Noi (here’s an interview I did with Noi!) and her team. Positioned at the top of the street, the restaurant stood out to me and my friend, unlike the other restaurants, which were tucked below ground level. We grabbed lunch there. Hope you enjoy the highlights!

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