Stagolees: South is where the heart is

Deep in the heart of North End street lies an unusual resident. Described by its owners as a southern American style chicken restaurant and ‘liquor joint’, Stagolees, is located in the unlikely place that is Fulham. The restaurant offers all-American classics from biscuits and gravy, to chicken and waffles, so I went to check out a few of the dishes, executed by executive chef, Ashley James, who has brought a reminder of home, for Southerners residing in the UK. If you’re looking for heartwarming chicken and waffles – this is the spot!


Price Tag: £

Occasion: Catch up with friends, casual date night

Ambiance: 6.7

Food: 7.9

Location: London, Fulham station (453 North End Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1NZ)



The total price came to £27.90 for two starters and two mains, so it was definitely affordable. You’re literally spending £2-£3 more than what you would spend at Nandos. You also get value for money, as the main dishes come in big portions, which (even I!) was not able to finish. If I knew how big the dishes would be, I would not have ordered a starter. So, if you’re on a budget a main is perfectly fine.


As a bacon-lover, I order the hickory smoked bacon (£3.50) and then the house-made pork sausage (£3.50), which has a blend of thyme, rosemary and spices. My favourite was the house-made pork, it was juicy, tender, had the right amount of seasoning, and thick.

Es 21


I ordered the southern fried chicken and waffled French toast (£12.95), whilst my friend ordered the waffled French toast served with southern fried apples (£7.95). The waffles were generously drizzled with maple syrup and finished off with piece of pickled watermelon and jalapenos. The waffles were a winner, both aesthetically and in texture.

Es 22
Waffled French Toast , served with Southern fried apples


They were golden, thick, but also fluffy and light. The chef struck the right balance between sweet and savoury, as the waffles were savoury, whilst the syrup brought the sweetness. I also enjoyed the finishing touches, the watermelon strangely worked! I feel it brought a tanginess and sweetness to the dish alongside the apples, which were lightly seasoned with cinnamon and sugar, and were slightly crunchy.

Another highlight was the chicken, seasoned to the bone, full of flavour, and it brought the spice to my dish. The meat had clearly been seasoned well, and not just the batter. My only critique was the spice, I do enjoy spicy food, but I found it too spicy – however, it’s worth every bite.

Es 23
Waffled French Toast , served with Southern fried apples and Tennessee-style fried chicken


The restaurant has a relaxing and laidback vibe, with wooden stools and sharing tables, so I would recommend this place for a catch up with friends or for a casual date night. The customer service made the experience much more enjoyable, the waiter was friendly and welcoming and as soon as we walked in, he sat us down. He also had a good knowledge of the menu, so he was able to recommend the best dishes and drinks.

Finally, it’s worth acknowledging the beautiful imagery. Not only did Stagolees bring a taste of the South, but they brought a slice of its history. As you enter, you are greeted by a collage of 1960s photography featuring figures such as Nat King Cole. It felt beautiful to see someone bring their culture with them to the UK to share with other people.

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To view an extended menu, visit the website here.



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    1. Hey Madeline! Haha no I’m based in London. After living in the States, this is the closest to authentic Southern food I have tasted, definitely check it out! Thanks for reading x