Pancake Day: Where to celebrate!

This year Pancake Day falls on Tuesday 25th February. If you’ve left plans till late, I’ve compiled a list of restaurants that still have some available bookings. Book fast as spaces are going quick!

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Dirty Bones: Brunch, a plea

In 1895, Guy Beringer definitely may have had a point when he urged the nation to scrap post-church heavy meals, for a lighter alternative meal served late in the morning –something we would come to love and know as ‘brunch’. Fast-forward 124 years later, and we have created an amazing combination – the bottomless brunch: unlimited booze and dishes to die for (in some cases not). Continue reading “Dirty Bones: Brunch, a plea”

Chakra: Restoring harmony to taste buds, one bite at a time

Hello all, I’m back with another review this week which you can find on lifestyle magazine, Melan Mag! I usually don’t opt for Indian food, so this was a pleasant surprise and I’ll definitely be checking out more Indian restaurants – let me know if you have any suggestions!

Find out my thoughts on Kensington’s culinary gem. You’ll find an array of curries, rice dishes and classic favourites including Samosas, Tandoori chicken and poppadoms.

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